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70% of learning is through the visual system.

Having good visual acuity, or being able to read the eye chart, is only one aspect of having great vision. Visual skills such as eye alignment, eye focusing, and eye-tracking are crucial for learning, sports, and completing a variety of daily tasks efficiently.

If you feel that you or your children need to improve any of these visual skills, vision therapy can help.

Vision therapy is an individualized, supervised treatment program designed to improve your visual skills.

At Battin Eyecare, we can evaluate your visual skills, or those of your child, to determine your eligibility for vision therapy. We will then customize a therapy plan, which will include weekly therapy sessions and supplemental home activities designed for your specific needs. Progress will be documented throughout therapy.

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Are you a vision therapy candidate?

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Here at Battin Eyecare, our success is rooted in teamwork, communication, and most important, respect – respect for each other and for our patients. And our focus is always on improving patient care. That’s why we provide our patients with prompt access to immediate and expert care. Schedule a vision therapy consultation with us to find out how your eyes could be strengthened and your vision improved.

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