After sustaining a concussion, the visual system is often impacted. Visual problems following concussion commonly include blurred vision, double vision, light sensitivity, headaches, and being overwhelmed in crowded environments by movement and stimuli. These problems often improve with time, however can be long lasting and impact daily life. 

It is important to return to your eye doctor following a concussion. Small glasses prescription changes, that normally would not impact daily functioning, can make a critical difference in visual comfort and recovery. Often, tints or an addition of prescription reading glasses can help.

 A vision therapy evaluation is recommended to further evaluate how the connection between the brains, eyes, and motor output is functioning. Vision therapy post- concussion will strengthen eye alignment and focusing. The therapy protocol also includes strategies and aids to handle tough visual obstacles at work and home. 

If you have had a concussion and have experienced any of the symptoms listed above, new glasses and/ or a customized therapy protocol may be beneficial in your recovery!