Choosing your glasses is a big decision. Many people don’t change their frames often, so the frames you choose will likely be the ones you use for a while. With that in mind, how do you balance utility with your personal style? The team at Battin can help!

Picking Frames to Suit Your Face Shape

Depending on the shape of your face, certain frames may look better than others.

  • Those with square faces may want to choose rounder frames that will soften their more angular features. Glasses that are wider than your cheekbones can also help achieve this effect.
  • In contrast, those with round faces should look for frames with bold, angular lines. These frames will help sharpen your features.
  • If you have a heart-shaped face, consider frames that are slightly wider than your forehead. Glasses that have detailing on the lower portion of the frame also look great on this face shape!
  • People with triangle faces that are widest at the jaw and gradually narrow towards the forehead may want the opposite of those with heart-shaped faces. Look for frames that are slightly wider than your jawline and have detailing on the upper portion. Browline or cat-eye frames fit this face shape well.
  • People with oval faces will have the easiest time finding flattering frames. Look for a bold shape that compliments your style. Play with color, texture, shape, and size to find what you like best!

When choosing frames, you should also consider whether you have wide-set or narrow eyes and whether you have a wide, shallow, or narrow nose bridge, as these things will affect fit comfort.

Lens Considerations

For those who have high prescriptions, your lens weight will factor into the comfort of your glasses. You can reduce the weight and pressure on your nose and ears by choosing a small, rounded lens shape. It’s also important to remember that progressive, multifocal lenses will need more deeply-shaped frames for the prescription to fit well. If you wear light-adaptive lenses, be sure to pick frames that you think will look good with both clear and darkened lenses.

Why you need glasses can also play a part in what kinds of frames you choose. If you’re looking for reading or computer glasses, something lightweight and comfortable is a great choice. Likewise, if you wear glasses all day from the time you get up to the time you go to bed, you may want to consider finding something that will be the most comfortable on your nose and temples. If, however, you usually wear contact lenses and are just looking for a backup pair of glasses, you might consider going for something fun and colorful.

Plastic vs. Metal

When choosing the frames for your glasses, one of the first choices you’ll make is between plastic or metal frames. To make this decision, you may want to consider the bridge size and type of the glasses. Plastic frames have solid bridges that can’t be adjusted to different nose sizes, but they distribute weight across your entire nose to reduce redness and pressure. When choosing plastic frames, make sure to pick frames that are the right size; if they’re too big, they can slide down your nose and, if the frames are too small, they can cause discomfort by pressing on your sinuses. Metal frames, on the other hand, have nose pads that are adjustable and easy to change out if they break or get lost. If you like the look of metal frames but have a nickel or other metal allergy, be sure to ask us about our hypoallergenic metal frames.

Overall, your frame choice comes down to what you think will be the most comfortable and stylish for you. The Battin Eyecare team can help you find the perfect set of designer frames that will help you see clearly while expressing your personal style. Stop in and see us today!