The entire team at Battin Eyecare is so excited to welcome Siedlecki Cataract & Vision Care to our community as they open up their practice at 3349 Southwestern Blvd (the old Zebb’s building). 

Dr. Siedlecki isn’t just a renowned cataract surgeon who’s been helping people all over WNY for over 30 years. He’s also a close personal friend and colleague of Dr. Battin. The two have worked closely together to provide comprehensive eyecare (from regular checkups to managing disease to surgical procedures and post-operative care) for a decade. 

“I’ve always been so proud to work with Dr. Siedlecki,” says Dr. Battin. “His commitment to providing the highest quality care for his patients is exactly aligned with everything we believe in at Battin Eyecare.”

Over the course of their 10-year working relationship, Dr. Battin has worked side-by-side with Dr. Siedlecki and gotten firsthand insight into the skilled surgeon’s approach. 

“Without hesitation, I would always send a patient to Dr. Siedlecki, and I consider it a great professional honor to have his trust and work as part of his team. I’m excited for our community to be able to welcome such a wonderful practice into the area,” finished Dr. Battin. 

For any additional information about Dr. Battin’s relationship with Siedlecki Cataract & Vision Care, please don’t hesitate to contact our office!